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Oh look at all the praise...

...and McKay thinks I don't have any friends. Proof to the contrary. This is (hopefully) a comprehensive list of all the 'fanfic' my loyal followers have produced. Keep it up, people. Thanks to missyvortexdv for her insane amounts of recs. (See I'm perfectly capable of giving credit where it's due.)


Alienation by missyvortexdv - It's not often Kavanagh gets sent off-world, usually it's to get rid of him temporarily. This time is no different, not for those back on Atlantis at least.

The Road To by missyvortexdv - Heightmeyerfic. She has to be the voice of reason among the chaos and the beacon of hope. Nothing else matters.

Harmless Fun by missyvortexdv - Just a little piece for the 5 minute fic challenge at SGAHC

The Long and Short of it by missyvortexdv - Written for Libra_traveller who requested Rodney started his career as a psychologist to pay for graduate school and, after 6 years as therapist, this was why he isn't sociable. Plus, Elizabeth requests he help Kate Heightmeyer and that all his advice sounds harsh but actually works...

Stereotypical by missyvortexdv - My response to the 5 minute profession challenge. Kavanagh and Simpson.

Shots in The Dark by planet_killer - After a disasterous mission, Kav visits an injured scientist whose life he saved.

Secrets by ellisedesade - For Secrets prompt challenge, set post Trinity, McKay/Kav friendship.

Murphy's Law by murdocsangel - It all started with the squirrels.

No One Knew by sylph_ironlight - Not many people cared that Calvin Kavanaugh was buried on the mainland on a warm spring day.

Responsible by rosewildeirish - She does her bleeding on the inside.

They Bite by rosewildeirish - They may not have teeth, but they still bite.

Araneae's Errand by Jessica and murdocsangel - Kavanaugh shuts down the power, and a creature appears.

Fortitude by gaffer42 - It had started out so well.

Operation: Retaliation by nightpheonix - Weir, McKay, Zelenka, and Sheppard exact revenge on Kavanaugh.

Amazon Women on Damooun by emergencyfan - Zelenka and Kavanagh are captured and turned into Amazon love slaves. McKay and Sheppard have to go to extreme lengths to rescue them.

Steady State by liketheriver - Sheppard touches something he shouldn’t, McKay deals with the consequences, Kavanagh gets a new hair style and Zelenka sings!

Memorando From the Edge by dr_dredd - Elizabeth has decided to create a bulletin board for the posting of important notices. This series of ficlets, drabbles, and other madness is the result.

Make a Heav'n of Hell by planetkiller - Elizabeth's thoughts on Kavanagh.

The Grudge by MacGateFan - Kavanagh still isn't happy with Dr. Weir after the events in Thirty Eight Minutes.

Ambition by Philote - Kavanagh dwells on his plans for job advancement on Atlantis, and his hatred for Rodney McKay.

Today is the Day by johnliz4ever - I really wanted to know what Kavanagh said in his message to General O’Neill so I made this.

Crewman No. 7 by nebbyJen - Not everyone has fun doing their assigned chores on Atlantis. And someone requires a bit of revenge! Rated for language.

Casting Stones by Liketheriver - Kavahaugh POV as he joins the team on what is supposed to be a simple mission. Of course everything goes down hill from there.

The Lab by OXBastetXO - It's the best stocked lab on Atlantis, too bad it doesn’t have anything.

Goonus Americanus by Koschka - Rodney is molested by a goat, Major Sheppard nearly dies...per usual, and Zelenka exacts horrific revenge upon Dr. Kavanagh.

War of Wills by OXBastetXO - Rivalry on Atlantis can be a deadly thing.

Of the Day's Annoyances by ivy03 - From the journal of Dr. Kavanagh

Stop The Presses by cofax7 - Kavanagh's a little peeved.

Three emails by laceymcbain - Kavanagh sent three encrypted email from The Daedalus.

An Island never cries by Vecturist - Tag for Critical Mass. McKay seeks out the one person he thinks can understand his frustration and isolation.

Bad Blood by eviljr - In Critical Mass Weir is hurt and the one person who can save her is not her biggest fan.

Strangers on a Jumper by eviljr - Variation on the story Strangers on a Train.

Ambitions by wiseheart - This is a prequel to my story “Choices” and basically shows Kavanagh’s time at SGC.

Third Evolution: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 by ellisedesade - Defintely AU

The Games People Play by eviljr - When Weir is taken over by Phebus in The Long Goodbye she takes Kavanagh as a hostage.

Of Annoying Brothers, Ancient Archives and Cute Chemists by toniabarone - Atlantis isn't what she'd thought it'd be

Truth and Consequences by Jen Rock. - AU for "Critical Mass." What if Kavanagh hadn't fainted?

38 Mins AU by sgatlantislight

Knowing Grass by planetkiller - Kavanagh never did say why he came back.

Fourteen Places I Never Wanted to Go by planetkiller - Kavanagh goes several places he’d never wanted to.

Proof Positive by eviljr - Kavanagh's cloudy past get a startling revelation while in Atlantis.

Article Five, Universal Declaration of Human Rights by emma_in_oz - A response on Atlantis to the events of Critical Mass.


Inside out - They presume to know him, but they know nothing – it's just it serves his purpose to let them go on believing what they like. Kavanagh PoV with unrequited Kav/Weir.

The Pleasures of Alien Abduction Series by murdocsangel
  • Part 1 -Kavanagh/Simpson.
  • Part 2 - Zelenka/Heightmeyer
  • Part 3 - McKay/Weir
  • Part 4 and more to come :)

    Ever After by missyvortexdv - AU post-Siege apocalyptic fic, with Kavanagh/Simpson.

    Fanciful Notions by missyvortexdv - Simpsons study of Kavanagh. Kav/Simpson pre-relationship.

    Untitled by lonespark - The sylphs were keen on strengthening pair bonds. Kav/Simpson.

    Shockwaves by ellisedesade - A new arrival on Atlantis caused waves. Kav/OFC.
    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7.

    Explosions can be fun by planetkiller - An explosion in the lab causes more problems than originally thought.

    The Entrepeneur by sgatlantislight - Elizabeth decides to check out Zelenka's newest scheme. Weir/Zelenka

    You Know What? I don't care by severusslave - You know what? I don't care!", said Logan Kavanaugh, left his workstation in the lab and went to his nearby quarters.

    That's What Kavanagh Thinks by rodlox - pre-Rising backstory, mention of Duet, a misunderstanding, a doodad. McKay/Weir, unrequited Kav/Weir.

    Wanting What You Can't Have by Guardingangels86 - Teyla and John are together, but Dr. Kavanagh wants Teyla for himself.

    Vengeance by mysticalweather - Elizabeth's life is in danger when a colleague seeks revenge. Mckay/Weir

    Carousel by nebbyJen - Someone is attacking the Atlantis science team, beginning with McKay.

    Sleeping Dogs by missyvortexdv - He knows you can't allow your feelings to rule you. Kav/Simpson angst/UST.

    Attention to Detail by missyvortexdv - A Kavanagh-is-an-axe-murderer fic, because if people think he's so evil he might as well thoroughly be that at least once. ;) Also has a little Kavanagh/Simpson in a twisted way.

    Choices by wiseheart - It didn’t take long for Teyla – no longer called Emmagan, as leadership of the Athosian tribe that was now living on the mainland had been transferred to Halling – to realize that Major Sheppard wouldn’t be the right choice for her. Kavanagh/Teyla

    The View by missyvortexdv - This is why he comes back, Atlantis is the place she haunts. Kavanagh/BYOS.

    Typical by missyvortexdv - It's practically law that you can never get rid of the jerks. Now she wishes that were true. Kavanagh/Simpson

    City of Secrets by amiguriken - He was an international assassin. She was the secret agent sworn to stop him. (Harlequin challenge)

    The Opposite of Love by ria_kukakala - Kavanagh faces Weir after the events of Critical Mass. Kavanagh/Weir.

    The Origin of All Things by iloveatlantis - Something goes wrong during the evacuation of Atlantis, stranding members of the Atlantis expedition and SG1 on a very strange world. Dr. Kavanagh/Lindsey Novak, Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, Radek Zelenka/Daniel Jackson, Teyla Emmagan/Ronon Dex, Elizabeth Weir/Stephen Caldwell, Sam Carter/Teal'c, Carson Beckett/Major Lorne and Cameron Mitchell/Carolyn Lam (also Jack/Daniel and Radek/MaleOC in the past)

    Ripples by ellisedesade - A new arrival on Atlantis caused waves. Kav/OFC.
    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

    The Greatest Revenge by planetkiller - He had a reason for staying. Kavanagh backstory fic.

    Fine Line by mad_hatts_munky - Kavanagh-centric fic, bits of unrequited Kav/ Weir, contemplating past events.

    5 Things... by toft_froggy - 5 situations or individuals from Greek/Roman mythology SGA characters encounter or experience. Kavanagh/? (woman), John/Rodney, Elizabeth/?

    Untitled by kerry_louise - Contrary to popular belief, Dr. Eric Kavanagh had not been spawned from a pond creature.

    Can't take the country out of the boy by ellisedesade - McKay had probably thought that being sent to the mainland would be some sort of punishment for him, but unlike some of his fellow scientists he didn't mind being surrounded by mud and animals. Kavanagh/Bates.

    If not for that pesky Sheppard by scribewraith - Kavanagh/McKay. Spoilers for 215 Critical Mass and all the seige bits.

    Keeping Secrets by ria_kukalaka - Kavanagh sees something he rather would not have. McKay/Zelenka.

    Untitled, Part 2,Part 3,Part 4,Part 5,Part 6 by the_ghost_twins - Kavanagh sighed and rubbed his eyes, he'd been left in the underground base with Rodney Mckay of all people for company and felt like he was ready to explode. Kavanagh/D'aray (Wraith).

    Drabbles by severusslave - McKay/Kavanagh and Kavanagh/Halling.

    Two for the Price of One and Afterward (a sequel) by sgatlantislight - It's Rodney's birthday and Carson's arranged a small, private party that turns out to be more than a birthday celebration.

    Being Watched and Being Seen by dragonbetween - As Dr. Kavanagh walked down the corridors of Atlantis he was plagued by the feeling that someone was watching him – again. Kavanagh/Ronon.

    All Saints Day by sgatlantislight - Weir needs pictures of Atlantis's fallen for a commemoration service. Kav/Sumner.

    Broken Series by sgatlantislight - Summary for the first part: In the middle of sex isn't the best time to have second thoughts. Pairings: McKay/Sheppard, Zelenka/Beckett, others. Mentions of likeable!Kav pretty early on.

    Christmas Presents by rosewildeirish - Thank you, John," Elizabeth said, voice warm as she examined the plush squirrel. Sheppard/Weir, McKay/Zelenka.

    Love-O-Meter by ria_kukalaka -What bored female scientists do with their spare time. Multiple pairings, mainly Rodney/Radek. Hint of Kavanagh/Lorne.

    Over and Undone by Cynical - Series, starting with a missing scene for the end of '38 minutes'. After getting half the story from Simpson, Rodney confronts Calvin. Kavanagh/McKay, McKay/Sheppard.

    Faux Slash by Jessica - Ford gets an idea to help Kavanaugh. McKay/Sheppard, Kavanagh/OMC.

    To whom it may concern by regann - O'Neill gets Kavanagh's message from Atlantis and Dr. Weir wasn't the only person that he included in his list of concerns. McKay/Sheppard.

    Neuland by kriski - The thing/arrangement/affair/relationship between Rodney and John is exposed to the public of Atlantis and everybody pipes up to have their say about it. Someone's taking notes. In chapter V Dr. Kavanagh talks shop. McKay/Sheppard.

    Fists of Fury by ellex42 - Kavanagh’s making trouble, but that isn’t McKay’s only problem. McKay/Sheppard.

    Burning by isiscolo - Sometimes he thinks he'd like to see the whole place in flames. R, Kavanagh/Guy Montag (Fahrenheit 451 crossover), slash and het elements both.

    Shades of Grey by starrylizard - Many things are unavoidable – decisions, consequences, feelings… Kav/Hermiod.

    Lorne/Kavanagh drabble by teh_gandu - For the 'They had nothing to say to each other' challenge at oddball_sga.

    Halling/Kavanagh drabble by scap3goat - For the 'They had nothing to say to each other' challenge at oddball_sga.

    Kavanagh/Ronon drabble by teh_gandu - For the 'They had nothing to say to each other' challenge at oddball_sga.

    Synergy (1/?), Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, side story, Part 5 by abysmal_seraph - Kavanagh gets a new job, more grief, and a lot closer to Atlantis’ favorite team than he’d like. Will eventually be Sheppard/McKay/Ronon/Kavanagh.

    Let's Get Down To Business by teh_gandu - Personally, I fail to see why these women, wraith, ancients and beasts (sooner or later a beast), continue to throw themselves at Sheppard. Now, if it was McKay, then it would be different indeed. Not that I like, Rodney. Oh, please! The man is a hot rambling idiot. What could possibly, be remotely sexy about Rodney? - Kavanagh/Lorne

    No-one Loves Kavanagh by tinnean

    When I saw him - Kavanagh falls in love for the first time in his life. Kavanagh/Simon Wallis, Kavanagh/omc, Non-con.

    Hollow Man - Burned by his feelings for Simon Wallis, Kavanagh is determined not to let anyone get close to him again, but there's Grodin, being nice to him. Kavanagh/Grodin.

    A Million Galaxies Away - With his lover dead and contact with Earth established once more, Kavanagh has no reason to remain in the Pegasus Galaxy. Kavanagh/Bates, Kavanagh/OMC.

    Rapunzel meets the Overman by gaiaanarchy - Sheppard and Kavanagh get to know each other. Kav/Shep

    Fun in the Sun by ria_kukakala - Lorne and Kavanagh take a short break. Pre-Atlantis. Lorne/Kavanagh

    'Cool' by ria_kukakala - A shower!smut drabble. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Momentary Weakness by Tarlan - In a moment of weakness, Rodney allows himself to be seduced by Kavanagh. Kavanagh/Rodney, McKay/Sheppard

    Lightning by imagechild - The storm affects some in strange ways. Kavanagh/Parrish

    Learning by imagechild -
    "Look, just press your fingers here, smooth...right, there you go....see..". Kavanagh/Parrish

    Dirty Talk by eviljr and absymal_seraph - Missing scenes from Critical Mass. Lorne/Kavanagh

    The Darkroom of Atlantis by wiseheart - A different take on the events as shown in “Critical Mass”. Caldwell/Kavanagh, Caldwell/Weir (sort of), Beckett/Ford (implied).

    Without So Much As a Warning by trollsttroll - Kavanagh makes an offer that McKay cannot pass up... Kavanagh/McKay

    Observation by imagechild - He's an observant man. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Time Waits for No Man and When Time Pushes Back by eviljr - After a year apart Kavanagh and Lorne try to reconnect in Atlantis. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Let Nothing You Dismay by planetkiller - It's Christmas, but not everyone celebrates at the party. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Three hundred and sixty-four days by ria_kukalaka - A very private birthday celebration on Atlantis. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Basketball!verse: Start the Way you Mean to Go On, Words Unsaid and Formed Anew by ria_kukalaka - Major Lorne is transferred to the SGC and discovers more than he was expecting. Lorne/Kavanagh.

    Untitled by abysmal_seraph - Lorne thinks about Kavanagh’s hands. Lorne/Kavanagh, implied Sheppard/McKay

    Post Critical and Aftermath by eviljr - Missing/AU scene from Critical Mass. In my little world Ronon really didn't have torture on his mind. Kavanagh/Ronon.

    Lonely Day by eviljr - Slightly A/U version of Coup D’Etat. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Bars by eviljr - Prison sex with a twist. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Retribution: Prelude and Part 1 by wiseheart - a different take on the events as shown in “Critical Mass”. Caldwell/Kavanagh, Caldwell/Weir (sort of), Beckett/Ford (implied).

    Never Cross A Scientist by ria_kukalaka - Kavanagh just wants to play. Lorne/Kavanagh

    A Sticky End: Smutful version, Smutless version by planetkiller - Atlantis’s least favourite citizen gets revenge on his boss.

    Not Just Peanuts by ria_kukalaka - The things we hold on to. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Can you believe it, they have toilets where no-ones ever had sex! by ria_kukalaka - Lorne and Kavanagh take a trip down Canal Street. Crossover with QaF UK. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Storm Clouds Come Sailing Onward by ria_kukalaka - Lorne, Kavanagh, a puddle jumper and bad weather. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Some things don’t need to be taught by ria_kukalaka - Lorne teaches Kavanagh how to fire a gun. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Shades of Life by eviljr - Fourteen things anniversary challenge for kavtolanon I choose fourteen colors!

    Those Dastardly Aliens by ria_kukalaka - Aliens made them do it – yeah I can’t resist a cliché. Lorne/Kavanagh, hint of Lorne/Parrish.

    4 Minus 3 Equals Zero by ria_kukalaka - Aliens made them do it – yes again! Lorne/Sheppard/Ronon/Kavanagh

    Beneath the Surface by ria_kukalaka - Lorne reflects on why he’s with Kavanagh. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels by eviljr - Kavanagh goes off world when Lorne gets him assigned to a mission and things take a turn for the worse. (when don’t they?) Ronon comes to the rescue and things become more complicated. Kavanagh/Ronon/Lorne

    Acoustic by eviljr - Just a little light fluffy-ness. ;) Lorne/Kavanagh

    Crystal Lake by eviljr - Camping is fun. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Spare Part by eviljr - Nick buys a new toy. ;) Lorne/Kavanagh

    Bedside Manner by ria_kukalaka - A mission gone bad. Lorne/Kavanagh

    All of Life is a Journey by ria_kukalaka - A brief history in the life of Nicholas Marcus Lorne. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Finding Serenity by ria_kukalaka - Kavanagh is pissed off. Lorne has to pay. Lorne/Kavanagh, Sheppard/McKay

    The Fourteenth by eviljr - It’s a special day for Nick. Did Calvin forget? Lorne/Kavanagh

    14 (completely clichéd) AU ways Kavanagh and Lorne meet by ria_kukalaka - Because Kavanagh and Lorne should be together in every universe. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Raise the Rainbow Flag by eviljr - On National Coming Out Day Kavanagh visits his mother to tell her about Nick. Lorne/Kavanagh

    A Little Sincerity by ria_kukalaka - The things you miss. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Warm Words on a Cold Evening by ria_kukalaka - There’s more than one type of cold. Lorne/Kavanagh

    The Way to a Man’s Heart... by ria_kukalaka - See the thing is, it’s pretty much just food!porn. Lorne/Kavanagh

    A Bright Idea by eviljr - Hidden body art brings out an interesting revelation. Lorne/Kavanagh

    The Ones We Love by ria_kukalaka - DADT (Don't Ask, Don't Tell) is outdated and inappropriate. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Broken by ria_kukalaka - Goodbyes always suck. Lorne/Kavanagh

    A Good Day by ria_kukalaka - Days on Atlantis never stay good for long. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Later by ria_kukalaka - Last time I made Kavanagh all worried, now it’s Lorne’s turn. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Good Morning Sunshine by ria_kukalaka - Kavanagh gets a wake up call. OMG! TOTAL FLUFF! Lorne/Kavanagh

    Kiss the Cook by eviljr - Aprons are instigating! Lorne/Kavanagh

    The Costume Dilemma by eviljr - It’s Halloween. Nick and Calvin debate on costume choices. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Trick or Treat by ria_kukalaka - "It's Halloween." Nick said, his face lighting up like a little kid’s and breaking out in a huge grin. Lorne/Kavanagh

    "It Ain't Cool to Be Crazy About You" by ria_kukalaka - Kavanagh and Ronon deal with the fallout of the events of Critical Mass. Kavanagh/Ronon.

    (Aliens) Tea made them do it and Make Me a Match by eviljr - Tea. It was all the tea’s fault. Lorne/Kavanagh

    MRE by eviljr - Off world meal time. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Through the Gate into you by eviljr - Nick and Calvin run into each other for the first time. Literally. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Deck the Halls by eviljr - Calvin decorates a tree. Sorta. *snicker* Lorne/Kavanagh

    Weapon of Mass Destruction by eviljr - Gun!Kink. Need I say more? Totally smut. Lorne/Kavanagh

    The Candle Burns Bright by eviljr - Nick tells Calvin about a painful moment in his past. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Cart by eviljr - Chance encounters bring the two men together. Were they really by chance? Lorne/Kavanagh

    Just A Token by eviljr - Gift giving is rough especially in the Pegasus galaxy. Oh the cliche! Oh the sappy! Lorne/Kavanagh

    Slimed by eviljr - Ewww! Slime! Lorne/Kavanagh

    Time Lost by eviljr - Nick gets a message he was not supposed to get. Lorne/Kavanagh

    Seeing that I'm incredibly vital in ensuring that Atlantis continues to run smoothly, I may have missed some. Also I haven't had a chance to read them all yet so a few might be in the wrong category. If any additions or alterations are needed, please let me know.

    Finally, if you enjoy the stories, don't forget to let the authors know. Anything to encourage more attention on me ;)
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    • Day 24

      For no logical purpose whatsoever, Major Sheppard and his team decided to go back to planet with the Wraith, which killed Colonel Sumner and several…

    • Crisis averted

      Dr. McKay paid no attention to the advice I gave him almost at the beginning of this expedition about the proper and careful handling of alien…

    • This is what happens when you ask a woman to do a man's job.

      Kavanagh fumes as he walked back from the cafeteria after lunch, bringing an extra large mug of coffee back with him. Today had been particularly…

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    • Day 24

      For no logical purpose whatsoever, Major Sheppard and his team decided to go back to planet with the Wraith, which killed Colonel Sumner and several…

    • Crisis averted

      Dr. McKay paid no attention to the advice I gave him almost at the beginning of this expedition about the proper and careful handling of alien…

    • This is what happens when you ask a woman to do a man's job.

      Kavanagh fumes as he walked back from the cafeteria after lunch, bringing an extra large mug of coffee back with him. Today had been particularly…